Why you should be with a younger guy.
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Why you should be with a younger guy.

Why you should be with a younger guy.

Modern society is difficult to surprise with the picture of “Unequal marriage”, when a man is noticeably older than his chosen one. But the reverse picture — when a girl is older than her partner-still causes gossip and talk. Maybe the prejudices about relationships with such an age difference come from school. After all, we all remember the words of school teachers: “Boys develop more slowly than girls,” so even one-year-olds sometimes seem like toddlers during school hours.
Do not forget that by the age of majority, boys still catch up with us in emotional and intellectual development, so that the adult relationship of an older girl and a younger boy may well be happy and serious. Some of the men will remain childish, because as they say: “A small dog is a puppy until old age.” This does not mean that it will not be possible to build a relationship with such a person.
In general, what can be considered a “noticeable” difference in age? As the Baby Elephant from the cartoon “38 parrots” asked: “How many nuts can be considered a pile?” Here is 3 years — quite a small difference. And 10 years is definitely noticeable. Where is the border? Public opinion invisibly holds it somewhere at the level of 5 years. More than 5 years is already an age difference, although the older you get, the less noticeable it is. Less than 5 years — the difference is insignificant, although in 20-25 years it may seem significant.
A relationship with a man younger than you can be great if you do not dwell on this difference and remember the advantages.

  1. He is so full of activity.
    Young people tend to be more active, socialized, and enthusiastic. He will easily stir you up and take you by the hand to a fun party, persuade you to try something new or just take a walk instead of lying on the couch. Maybe this does not sound very attractive to very introverted women, but think about it: after all, a loved one will never act to your detriment. Maybe, in this fast pace of life, you will be able to do more yourself?
  2. Sex with him is wonderful.
    If you are chosen by a younger man, then be sure — he thinks you are very hot. This means that the sex will be hot, passionate and fervent. In addition to purely physiological moments (the younger, the more and longer! Yes, yes, this is one of those stereotypes that work!) the psychological attitude to sex is also important. He is ready to listen to you and adapt to you as a more experienced one, and this is half the success. Do not hesitate and have fun to the fullest.
  3. He is not conservative.
    The younger generation is always less conservative than our peers. He is always ready to experiment and can encourage you to do the same. He will never judge you for possible childishness, frivolity, or other character traits that will cause your peers to cluck their tongues and shake their heads reprehensibly.
  4. Your inner world is very valuable to him.
    Be sure that if he is with you with a decent age difference, then he was led not only by beautiful eyes, but also by your personality. In addition, it should be noted that he is wise beyond his years, if he made such a choice and did not go on about the social cliches that repeat about “the ideal girl is 2-3 years younger”. Your boyfriend knows how to think with his own head, make decisions, and definitely appreciates you as an interesting person.
  5. He is not authoritarian.
    There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but in general, younger guys are less authoritarian than their older comrades. They do not consider themselves always right and more intelligent, do not impose their opinion at every step, and are always ready to listen to our advice. After all, we really have more experience!
  6. No worries about your career.
    Where is the most painful point for men? In general terms, this is their ego (and not what the most liberated readers might think! The blow to the ego is always more painful…). Boys of his own age will always be closely and jealously watch over your career success and pout if you do something you go around. No, they will, of course, be happy about your promotion, but they will immediately become quiet and sad if the salary is higher by at least a ruble. That’s how most men are built. But the age difference (in your favor) completely eliminates this restriction. After all, you had more time to build a career and get the necessary skills. At your age, he will certainly become the ruler of the world, or at least the governor.
  7. There is no midlife crisis on the horizon.
    It is worth clarifying: the midlife crisis is not on his horizon. It may well appear on your site, but it will definitely not coincide with its similar problems. This means that he will be able to support you, and then you will be able to support him. Do not underestimate such a crisis. He destroyed a lot of relationships that at first glance seemed solid as a rock.
  8. You yourself grow younger with him.
    Let’s be honest, next to hot young guys, we ourselves flourish. It’s not just about increased activity and dilution of the circle of interests. It is easier for us to follow the modern, nimble world if there is a younger look that influences us. And, of course, it’s so nice to catch admiring glances when you go out as a young and energetic couple. Remember: the age of the couple is usually considered not “arithmetic average”, but according to the youngest participant.
  9. His ambitions are admired.
    Young people are gushing with ideas, plans, and energy. If he is absolutely sure about the future of your relationship, it means that in the rest of his life he has far-reaching plans that he is ready to ambitiously translate into reality. Before such self-confident people, mountains can part. Don’t let the light in his eyes go out!
  10. It is more flexible.
    It’s not about him tying his own shoelaces without getting out of breath and groaning from the pain in his lower back. Young people are more flexible psychologically and emotionally. It is easier to convince them of something, to present their point of view. Yes, what a sin to conceal — they can even be changed a little “for themselves”, which will never work with an already completely ossified adult man. Of course, you should not hope for miracles and plan a complete transformation of the personality. This doesn’t happen. But easy adjustment to your own plans and favorite features is quite possible.

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