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I’m afraid of girls.

I'm afraid of girls.

I have already written about how not to be shy of girls. But some of them have a bigger problem – they are terrified of girls. How to overcome this fear of the female sex? How not to be afraid of girls? Now I will tell you and give you specific step-by-step tips and exercises. Whether to do it or not is your choice.
The problem is quite decent and it is not so easy to cure it. Usually, even individual consultations with psychotherapists or experienced pick-up coaches do not help much. Some shifts give, but fundamental transformations will not work. This requires a long training path. Alas, as I often say, everyone is responsible for their own lives.
Preparation for the study of fears.
Let’s start from the beginning. Usually, when you want something from a girl, there are only two types of influence on her:
a) appearance. They meet you by your clothes. And they often see me off, no matter how much I would like to think otherwise. Therefore, you should dress so that the guy in the mirror looks like a pearl. Well, plus-the figure, hairstyle, condition of the teeth.
All this needs to be worked on specifically, especially if there are drawbacks. Confidence is growing just before our eyes. Sports activities are mandatory.
b) the ability to communicate. It starts in general, in the team. Most of those who are afraid to communicate with girls, do not know how to communicate at all. This is where you need to start.
Training of public speaking, diction, acting skills will go just right. You will have to pay for them and study hard. That is, you are looking for and consistently pass three types of training:
diction; oratorical art; acting courses;
When you sign up for a training session, say so – I don’t know how to do anything at all, don’t scold me too much, I came to learn certain basics. You can take my method – I once worked part-time in a provincial theater. Not an actor. For a couple of years, I collected and disassembled the stage. And even just being present at rehearsals helped the shy introvert quite a lot. I learned a lot, in short.
Of course, you can score. Say-well, what do I care about all these things? So I don’t care – I’m not afraid of girls . Already. Well, except that I’m a little worried and shy of the beautiful ones. And you-fear further, you will die a 30-year-old virgin who has not been kissed.
In short, to improve the appearance and ability to communicate, what do you need to do? Correctly. Get out of your comfort zone and work. Long, persistent, maybe ten years to work.
I have personally seen the transformation of guys from nerds to quite successful ones. And for a long time. No, a poor nerd is unlikely to become a macho man with a bunch of chicks. But you can be quite a successful guy who can find a girl, even if not a fashion model.
To completely stop being afraid of girls will not work, this fear will simply turn into pre-start excitement, like athletes. Similarly, an introvert does not become an extrovert buffoon. And you don’t need it.
And here are the cool girls in the video. Well, how can you be afraid of them? And they came to meet more guys. And I said-go do sports ?
Direct communication with fear ?
After a fairly decent study of the appearance and the ability to communicate, we proceed directly to the girls. This is where a skilled friend, or even better, a personal coach, can come in handy. He will start a conversation and help you to relax, using their skills.
Naturally, if you do not overcome your fear,then you will not be given. Therefore, I repeat once again-start acting today. As I have already said – it is very desirable to work in a women’s team. So that willy-nilly I had to communicate with girls.
How not to be afraid of girls.
I will give you some tasks for self-study of fears. This will help, but it will not replace the previous points. Rather, first you work out the initial points, and before direct communication with the purpose of getting to know and seduce – here are some exercises for you. Do not think that they will not help. Try to work, you can do everything at the same time at different times and in different conditions. I hope this is understood. The exercises themselves:

  1. Peepers. When you are near a girl – in transport, at school, at work, then periodically look directly into her eyes. It will take 1-3 seconds, like casually. Usually, guys who are afraid of girls never look them in the eye. Therefore, you need to train.
  2. Gazing. The next step is looking at the girl. Preferably carnivorous, from top to bottom and from bottom to top. It is done necessarily with strangers who are without guys. And it is desirable to be able to leave. In fact, she should notice that you’re looking at her and be embarrassed. You choose the place, time and distance yourself.
  3. Surveillance. You follow a pretty girl, gradually reducing the distance. At the final stage-you go close enough and where she goes. She’s in the store – you’re in the store, she’s in the subway – you’re in the subway. And so on. At first, you try not to show it, and then you don’t hide much. After watching for a while, he left. You can imagine how and what you will say when you meet them. If he notices and smiles, begins to preen – a sure sign that you can get acquainted.
  4. Extreme method. You buy the most expensive and beautiful prostitute. And then look at the girls and estimate how much you can buy exactly the same for an hour. The world will become easier, and you will not say-I’m afraid of girls. I saw a video of a journalist with a hidden camera getting into a brothel. Well, I kind of wanted to get settled. So they looked at her and immediately said-600 hryvnia. That is, without any hesitation, the young ladies themselves appreciated its potential.
    Well, that’s about how you can solve your problem. But you will have to act. And for God’s sake, start today. Otherwise, you will not notice how you will become old and useless.