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How to win a girl’s heart?

10 most romantic gestures of the Permians.
And how else to surprise your chosen one, so that she takes her breath away, and she hands over the keys to her heart without hesitation? We
offer our readers 10 of the most romantic acts and original declarations of love from the Permians according to the “AIF-Prikamye”version.
The heart of the windows.
Anatoly, a student of the History Faculty of PGNIU, lit a huge heart from the windows of the hostel for his girlfriend. On that day, the young man, as usual, met his girlfriend after school. The couple walked slowly to the dorm. And there they were already waiting for a crowd of spectators. Tolya sent an SMS to a friend: “Come on!” And it began… on the dark wall of the 9-storey building, one by one, the lights in the windows began to turn on. Gradually, the drawing became clearer. And so, the last window lit up, smoothly finishing the line of the huge heart.
“Friends from the student council of the dorm helped to pull off the plan,” says the young man. – The evening was spent on drawing the scheme, working out the idea, animation. Then, on each floor, the prefects went around the necessary rooms, agreed on who should turn on the light in the room and at what time. I was glad that all the guys agreed to participate in this flash mob.”
According to Anatoly, he organized this flash mob to apologize to the girl in such an extraordinary way.
The sly groom.
Catherine Abdulmanova, trembling with excitement, awaiting the arrival of her fiance Marseille. The bridesmaids, according to the good Russian custom, had already prepared a ransom: they made various obstacles for the groom to collect more money from him, since the bride lived on the 5th floor.
But the groom surprised everyone. He drove up to the entrance on a flower-and-ribbon-decorated… car lift. I went up in the cradle of special equipment to the 5th floor, knocked on the window. Seeing Marcel’s smiling face behind the glass, Katya froze. Gathering up the voluminous skirts of her wedding dress, the girl climbed up on the windowsill, looked down, and froze with fear. The bride’s brother came to the rescue. He handed the frozen bride to the groom in his arms.
But getting into the cradle of the car lift is half the battle. It was going to be an equally eerie descent. The car lifted the newlyweds a few more meters up, turned the cabin with the lovers over the roof of the house, and only then began a slow, shaking and swaying return to the ground.
And the ransom still took place. Only instead of demanding money from the groom, the bridesmaids themselves paid Marcel’s friends to let them out of the entrance and let them watch the performance.
Underwater engagement.
Permian Anton Tokarev surprised his chosen one by asking her for her hands at the 5-meter depth of the pool.
The young man racked his brain for a long time, how to make an offer to his beloved Natalia. “One day, the director of the diving center came to our bank, where I work. So the idea of an underwater engagement was born, ” says Anton.
Divers installed a balloon track at the bottom of the pool. The young man told his girlfriend that he was inviting her to learn scuba diving. When together with the instructor Natalia swam to the right place, she was dumbfounded. Anton held a sign in his hand that read: “Marry me.” The groom put a wedding ring on the finger of the excited girl. They hugged. The lovers were prevented from kissing by a breathing tube. As soon as the young people surfaced, they ended the romantic ceremony with a sweet kiss.
This unusual engagement took place in June 2015. After a while, the couple got married, and last summer, the Tokarevs had a son.
Recognition on the rock.
Permian Natalia, agreeing to the offer of an extreme friend to fly on a paraglider, and did not suspect that she was waiting for such a surprise. Flying up to the snow-covered rock, the girl saw a large red inscription: “Natashenka, marry me!”. Yegor fixed a huge banner of twenty square meters on the mountain ledge, which is called the Usva finger.
To install an incredibly large poster with hidden words at a height of 70 meters, the young man made a difficult journey. To Usva 200 kilometers, the road is not close, together with a friend they left at 5 am, in winter at this time it was still a dark night. When they reached the right place, they left the car and went on skiing. At the foot of the mountain, they put on their climbing gear, which they used to climb up the steep cliff. There they fastened the cloth. They returned home to Perm late at night, and in the morning Yegor took Natalia to the cherished place. Needless to say, the girl was in seventh heaven from happiness.
An art object for a loved one.
A resident of Perm, in order to finally win the heart of his beloved, created a whole art object. He installed a self-made installation in the style of “Happiness is not far off” in the field, where he brought the girl. Before the inscription “Nastya, be my wife”, the lover got down on one knee and asked for the hand of his chosen one. The girl agreed to marry a romantic.
A cry of love from the stands.
Some believe that the marriage proposal does not tolerate publicity, while others want to shout about it to the whole world. It’s not the first time Permians have chosen a stadium as a venue for an engagement.
So, recently, a fan of the basketball club “PARMA” Valery proposed to the girl Alina right during the match. During the break, in front of thousands of Permyaks, a couple in love was shown on the screen, and a text ran at the bottom with the words: “Alina, will you become my wife?”. For the sake of such a moment, the athletes even interrupted the fight. Of course, the girl answered ” yes!”.
A couple of years ago, another fan, but this time of the football club “Amkar”, also asked his beloved to become his wife. At half – time of the match “Amkar” – “Terek” Alexander went to the stadium field and called Olga to get married in the microphone.
Performance on the embankment.
How to make an offer to a girl so that she took her breath away, and she agreed without hesitation? George knows the answer to this question. For his future wife, he arranged a grand performance, which was attended by almost 300 people.
It was a clear, sunny June day, and the Permians were celebrating the City Day. George and Catherine were walking along the embankment. White motor ships were moored on the Kama River. At the famous inscription “Happiness is not far off”, the couple was stopped by a cadet. He asked George if he had served in the army. After that, he asked me to evaluate how their cadet formation marched. Gradually, the cadets surrounded the young men. George and a confused Katya found themselves in the center of a large square. Girls in light airy dresses ran up to the cadets, a waltz began to play,and everyone began to dance. George got down on one knee, took out a red velvet box with a wedding ring and asked for his hand. Catherine was moved to tears. Her dream came true.
A puzzle for the bride.
Permian Julia, to get married, had to break her head. Her young man came up with an original way to call a girl down the aisle. Alexey Lesnikov created a quest game of questions, riddles, and puzzles, which, with correct answers, led directly to a marriage proposal.
“I specifically found out from Yulia’s friends, her brother and sister various interesting facts that are unknown to others. From this information, I created about 30 questions-tasks, ” says Alexey about his quest.
It took the girl a week to pass this game. The answers led her to Gorky Park. Alex invited Julia to take a ride on the Ferris wheel. According to a pre-planned scenario, the couple turned out to be anniversary visitors. They, as the lucky ones, were offered a VIP booth, decorated and prepared for the fateful moment. There Alexey asked Yulia to become his wife.
They are now happily married.
The whole world is a theater.
The students of the agricultural Academy (pgskha) the extraordinary couple of Konstantin and Anastasia is still remembered. Young people, regulars of various creative competitions and festivals, even celebrated their engagement on stage. Directly during student spring Kostya called favorite married. In order for the romantic confession not to look like part of the performance, a video appeared on the screen, in which Konstantin asks Nastya for her mother’s hand in marriage. This video was filmed by the future groom in advance. For the mother’s blessing, he specially went to the girl’s homeland in Berezniki. Nastya was touched by this act and, of course, agreed to get married.
The wedding was played in the Crimean Foros. A surprise for all the guests was the night jump of the bride and groom into the Black Sea.
A knight on a white horse.
Vasilisa Petrova, like many romantic natures, always dreamed of a brave knight on a white horse. Who will come for her and ask for her hand in marriage, and they will live happily ever after, like in a fairy tale.
In August last year, Nikolai Harin brought the fairy tale of his beloved girl to life. Dressed in knight’s armor, riding a white horse, he rode up to the astonished Vasilisa. He dismounted from his comrade-in-arms and knelt in front of the beautiful chosen one. In front of hundreds of curious Permians (it was in Gorky Park near the rotunda), the knight held out the cherished box with a ring and offered Vasilisa to become his wife. A dream come true!
Nikolai said that the armor of the knight was lent to him by the guys from the historical club. “These are actually combat gear, they even had dents on them, so I felt like a real warrior hero,” the groom smiles. And the white horse was provided to Nikolai by Gorky Park.
The young family of Nikolai and Vasilisa already has their own little unusual traditions. For each year, they make a calendar that reflects the plans for the year by month. This year they will pass under the sign of cinema. The guys are waiting for the premiere of the world cinema.