Correct flirting with a girl

The main and most enjoyable thing in flirting is walking on the edge, the feeling of innuendo and the pleasure of being teased or teased. In flirting, there is always an ambiguity that you want to think out in a pleasant way. This is the task of a man – to know how to tease a girl, and to do it competently.

If a girl is not ugly, then she receives a sufficient number of offers from men. These are her colleagues at work, friends of friends, randomly meeting guys on the street, men rolling up in clubs. In addition, girls use social networks and the Internet for dating.

  • Speak in hints, give the girl the opportunity to think it out, but do not bump into outright vulgarity. “You eat ice pop so professionally that you want to test how you handle other oblong shapes” is a bad example of flirting that sounds more like rudeness.
  • Intrigue, tease, but do not go beyond politeness or walk on the brink of politeness. If you cross this line and say something offensive, an unsuccessful attempt at flirting can destroy the relationship or at least strongly push the girl away.
  • It is important not to let the girl lose her sense of security. Whatever you are hinting at, she should feel that she can stop it at any moment, that this is all an elegant game. If you act too aggressively and do not see her attempts to stop you, then she will move away.

Flirting in apps

  • Make compliments. Both men and women like compliments, but a lot of people are just afraid to say nice things to their interlocutor. To begin with, you don’t have to praise a person’s appearance: it’s enough to praise his musical taste, writing style. If there are photos in his profile, then it can be noted that he or she has a pretty smile. At the first stage of dating, this will be enough, and starting with such unobtrusive compliments, it will be easier for you to move on to a light flirtation.
  • Remember the feelings of the interlocutor. Don’t forget about the feelings of the person on the other side of the screen. Remember that he, just like you, may feel insecure when communicating with the opposite sex, even through text messages. Some people are embarrassed to receive compliments or just haven’t mastered the art of flirting. Therefore, if you feel that a person seems to close up to your playful messages and does not respond to flirting, then try to return to a more familiar style of communication for him. Maybe he just needs more time to open up, and then you can try again.

Flirt via SMS

  • Girls love their ears. Yes, girls really love ears. And you need to take this into account during your communication. Address the girl by her first name. Calling by name will make any person more friendly to the other person. Another option may be some kind of affectionate or funny pseudonym. Just not “cat”, “fish”, “sun” and the like. And this alias should only be known to the two of you.
  • Be able to present yourself. Be mysterious. Man is inherently very inquisitive. People are always drawn to riddles. That’s probably why detective stories are so popular. Do not answer her questions directly, do not reveal all your plans, answer a little distantly.

You meet and date a girl, wondering if she’s right for you. If you don’t like the girl, then you get rid of her and look for a new one. Sometimes you bring it to sex, so that at least something to fuck from the invested effort. More precisely, someone. If you like a girl, then you start to take care of her hard, making her your girlfriend. But your strategy of finding a girlfriend is different from the strategy of finding a man’s girlfriend.