11 strange signs that you have fallen in love.
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11 strange signs that you have fallen in love.

11 strange signs that you have fallen in love.

Have you ever been in love? Many of us are afraid of love for some reason, and prefer not to notice it, even when both friends and relatives can tell at first sight – this person has fallen in love.
Even if you haven’t told anyone the L-word you’re so afraid of, even if you’re not officially dating anyone yet, and even if you’re not going to fall in love with anyone at all, it might have happened after all.
Love can manifest itself in many non-obvious and inexplicable ways. Sometimes her characters are just those things, thinking about which, you say, “Hmm, that’s strange.” That you have fallen in love, you can sometimes understand by the fact that:

  1. He (a) often upsets you, but you still tolerate it.
    This person will never understand that you are always right, and constantly says or does something so stupid that you want to go up to him and shake this stupidity out of his/her head.
    Half of the time that this person spends with you, he terribly pisses you off, and you constantly tell him about it, not really choosing the words. This person is still a headache, but… he is yours, and only your headache.
    No matter how much he annoys you, you still want to be around. And you begin to understand that the opposite of love is not hatred, but indifference.
    Love and hate go hand in hand in this life. And when you say “I hate you” – often you mean something completely different.
  2. You don’t care what you talk about.
    The topic of your conversation can even be funny dog names – and you will still remember it, because you two somehow manage to make even such a boring topic lively and worthy.
    All you have to do is tell that special person of yours that our world isn’t real, and suddenly you feel like it is – just because he or she said it. You never talk about small things or trifles. Even a simple conversation about the weather means more to you than just words.
    There is not a single thought in your head that this person does not know about. And what you say is not really that important – you just say some words because you are together, and you feel good.
    Any conversation you have is simply delicious, no matter what you talk about. Even if you are talking on the phone at 3 o’clock in the morning in a half – asleep state-it is still the best thing that could happen to you.
  3. You made your life harder for him or her.
    Being around someone isn’t always easy. Sometimes this person is half a world away from you, or you are both so busy that you don’t have a moment to rest, or it seems to you that the universe itself is trying to keep you apart.
    Sometimes, just to see this person, you have to make a whole plan, make an appointment, cancel it, reschedule it, and, in general, just go out of your way to make it work… but you are always ready to go for it. Even if you have to make your life ten times more difficult the next day, week, or month than usual, as long as the meeting takes place.
    You take time off from work, grab a taxi, rent a hotel room, meet in the parking lot, drive to the airport at 4 a.m. just to chat for an hour between flights, and do a million other crazy things just to chat – just for a little while.
    This may seem crazy to some people, but it is quite normal for you. After all, you are ready to go through hell and move mountains-just to meet this person.
  4. You are ready to go shopping with him/her.
    You don’t even want to do it alone anymore. You want to do even the most seemingly boring things together – going to the market, choosing new glasses and running around pharmacies in search of the right drugs. In general, all the things that in other circumstances we do not want to do so much.
    But for some reason, when this special person invites you for an exciting walk to the nearest vegetable store or laundry, you just can’t refuse.
    Moreover, afterward, you can even remember this pastime as the best part of the past day (maybe not always, but often). Why? The answer to this question is simple-next to this special person, even the most routine things seem almost exciting.
  5. You are not ashamed to talk to this person even about the most … er… unsightly functions of your body.
    Many people are unusually shy to mention in front of other people that they went to the toilet, and even farting in the presence of even relatives, especially strangers, is like death for them. And girls in general are not capable of this, and, as everyone knows, even poop butterflies.
    But when you’re together, you don’t hold back. You may well let out loud gas in the presence of this person, only to have him fall out of his chair laughing. When you come out of the toilet, you ask not to go in there until the smell disappears, and you are called silly in response.
    You do not hesitate to visit the toilet, even when your special person is washing next to you in the shower. You may be shy about the topic of natural bodily functions with someone else, but next to them, it’s just another topic of conversation – and sometimes quite funny. And speaking of which, you realize how weird you two are … and you’re perfect for each other.
  6. Even a couple of minutes of communication is worth it.
    This person calls you in the evening and says that he does not have time for a full conversation today, but he would like to say good night to you. And those 30 seconds make you happier than anything else that happened that day.
    It’s not about how much time you spend together – even a single minute together is incredibly important to you.
  7. You talk to this person in a raised voice.
    For some reason, you just can’t talk to this person quietly. When you’re together, you even laugh louder (and more joyfully). And when you quarrel, you easily turn to shouting – because any problem seems incredibly important to you, you must-no, you must defend your point of view.
    Shouting is much more emotionally charged than ordinary speech, and it reflects the feelings that you have for this person. That’s why you shout more often around him, sometimes out of anger, but more often out of joy.
  8. The time you spend on this person does not seem to be wasted.
    There are days when you just do not get out of the common bed until the evening. You have sex three times in one morning just because you’re too lazy to crawl out from under the covers, and you don’t want to do anything else.
    And when someone asks you what you did together all day, you will honestly answer “nothing”, but you will still consider it the best day of your life. And that’s saying something.
  9. You have a lot of questions for her or him.
    You probably have a lot of questions about life: how the tax laws work, how long it takes to travel from the west coast to the east coast, where you can send this letter, what inspires you, what we have for dinner, what Chinese food tastes like, and so on.
    And it doesn’t matter if it’s a serious question, or if you’re asking it for nothing, you’re asking it to this person… and it doesn’t matter if they know the answer or not. But you’d still rather ask this person than someone who probably knows the answer.
    It might make him or her angry… but asking another question might be the beginning of a good conversation. In addition, people usually like to be asked about something.
  10. Everything around you makes you think of him or her.
    Your whole life, and everything that happens in it, revolves around this person. A thunderstorm is raging outside your window, and you are already thinking “I should call him / her and tell her about it”, even if you know that this person is now seeing the same thunderstorm from his / her window.
    You want to share with this person every thought, every feeling. Every song you hear is about him, or about her, and if not, it could be – because it would only get better that way.
    A strange pimple on your heel? The pumpkin seed that got into your peanut packet? Your whole life becomes one big reminder that somewhere nearby there lives a person, only about whom all your thoughts are.
  11. You are afraid of him or her.
    Love is not only beautiful, but also very scary, and even if you pretend that you don’t know that you love someone, you still feel it. As soon as you begin to get close to someone, you begin to understand that intimacy can sometimes hurt very much.
    Once you look at this person, you realize that it is in their power to hurt you in a way that no one else can. And sometimes you want to push him away, because being near him, you feel deprived of all protection and terribly vulnerable. And it’s very scary…
    This person’s emotions and feelings frighten you even more because … well … because they don’t let you get away from yourself. You understand that this person scares you – and for some reason you like it.
    And as soon as you realize that this is not a guardian, but love… for some reason, you begin to miss that very feeling of something terrible.
    Love is scary, it can’t help but be scary… but deep down you know you want it.

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